Attacking Hate is My Mission

I do not usually speak out on matters of religion and theology, especially when it also ventures into the realm of politics.  However, today, I feel so moved.

I have a friend who is a fellow ‘blogger,’ who is being attacked because of his convictions.  He is a Catholic and he is homosexual.  He has committed himself to a life of perfect celibacy.  He holds a special place in my heart because I am in a similar situation.

Over 26 years ago, my husband abandoned me in all intents and purposes, when I was 6 months pregnant with our son.  We were divorced a year later.  I could not have forced him to stay, nor could I prevent the divorce.  My being divorced was out of my control; it was not my idea.

By the same token, my friend found himself homosexual.  Now before you all hit the reply buttons, I would like to point out that society has accepted, for the most part, the research that supports the idea that alcoholics and other addicts are usually predisposed to be addicts of one sort or another.   Why is it we can accept that but not the idea that homosexuals are predisposed to be homosexuals?  But, I will leave this debate for another day.  I have known several homosexuals since their childhoods and they seemed to me to be predisposed to be homosexual from the get go.

Several years after my divorce, I found out that since I had been married and was now divorced, whenever I entered into an intimate relationship, I was committing adultery.  Yes, it is in scripture as well as held as a belief in the Episcopal Church.  Distraught, I sought a contradiction, or at least a clarification, from my priest; the best he could offer was that it was not an unforgivable sin.

I would like to emphasize that my committing adultery was a violation of one of the Ten Commandments.  Homosexuality is not mentioned in the Ten Commandments.  (There is scripture condemning the sexual acts but there is also scripture condemning the use of the wrong pot or serving milk and meat in the same dish.  (Stroganoff-lovers, be damned.  Not really…I’m poking fun.)

Seriously, though, the defense or condemnation of homosexuality is not in my personal mission statement, but hatred is.  Homosexuals are constantly being condemned by straight people. Ironically, my friend, bless his soul, is being attacked by homosexuals for promoting chastity and celibacy.  All of those haters are in violation of the second greatest commandment there is:  to love your fellow man.  I like to state it the other way around, that Thou Shalt Not Hate.

These attitudes and outbursts of anger and hatred toward my friend tread heavily on my turf and I will attack those haters with all the vehemence with which I attack ALL haters.  Namely, I will love them; I will bless them; I command in the name of Christ that Satan and his minions be evicted from those hater’s hearts and minds; I will ask that the Holy Spirit take up residence in them; and I will fervently pray that one glorious morning they will find themselves waking up rejoicing with true love and compassion for their fellow man, my friend.

Thanks be to God and to God be the Glory.

What are Your thoughts?

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