Behind the Scenes

I am borrowing an image taken by Ansel Adams from his famous collection of photographs taken while in Yosemite National Park, to emphasize a point about life here on earth…and God.

What I first notice about this image is what I also most often notice about life:  the high contrast between light and dark, high and low, as well as the details…the many, many details.  First, I love the fractal branches of the trees silhouetted up the left side of the image…almost an illustration of a Mandalbrot set.  Then, my eye is drawn across the huge evergreens ranking left to right across the bottom pointing skyward….

…and then I see … It.

All aspects of the image direct us to the almost invisible Mighty.  Even the nearly flat meadow in the foreground acts as a foundation supporting the looming majestic formation so ever-present, now that I’ve noticed It.

That, to me, is God.  Always there.  Always mighty.  Often not noticed, much less acknowledged, but ever-present and huge by comparison to the rest of life.

My thanks to Ansel for capturing that image of God.

I will have to tell you, as a photographer with a little darkroom experience, I’ll bet Ansel worked extra hard to get the detail to show in that misty (mysterious) background…but not too much detail or too much visibility.  In similarity, God shows His presence ever so gently and quietly and often leaves it up to us to notice it…as well as to point it out to others.

Thank you, God.  Thank you, Ansel.  And to God be the Glory.

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