A Few Kinks…that’s All

This morning after church, I offered to water the newly planted dogwoods out in front of the church.  (I am new at that church but I feel as if I am home.)  I new friend helped me and found a lemonade pitcher to use and I took it to the garden hose on the side of the church house.  I opened the spigot and waited for the water to fill the hose.  Out came just a small stream of water; this was going to take a while.  My next thought was, “low water pressure.”  But that can’t be…not here…low water pressure in Anderson?  So I looked for kinks in the hose.  There were two or three…not bad.  Nothing serious.  I worked out the kinks and  there came the water, “good measure… running over.”

Sometimes that’s all it takes: a kind word, a gesture, a larger tip than usual, a hug.  Sometimes our fellow man just needs a few kinks worked out and they are ‘good to go.’

Sometimes, that’s all Jesus asks of us.  Nothing major.  Just a few kinks…that’s all.


The image above is borrowed from the internet.  See https://www.covenantkeepersinc.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/IMG_9250-300×225.jpg

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