Moments of True Blessing

The past few days have been rather taxing; I felt as if the evil one were on my tail.  I was annoyed by a less than honest correspondent; I struggled with a young Christian blogger who seems more intent on judging, insulting, and self-righteously condemning than in drawing others to Christianity with love; I was anxious about my elderly dog who slips away like a nursing home escapee and loves to cross the street; and I was concerned about my neighbor whom I will be taking to a specialist tomorrow for further testing.

Along the way, however, I found myself truly blessed at certain moments:

  • I noticed as I went about the tasks of watering my flowers, filling my bird feeders, and washing my dishes, there were times when my mind was quiet.  I usually carry on constant conversations within my mind…composing emails or phone conversations, preparing my arguments; rehashing discussions when I wish I had said something more…or less; composing my next essay or blog post.  The times I noticed no internal words were moments of true contentment and peace.
  • Preparing to take a picture of my black cat, Tubbs, chewing on the antenna of my car, I watched as he suddenly looked past me with hugely intent eyes.  I turned as he jumped down and ran to my elderly dog, Stells, who had wandered, without my noticing, across the road to snuffle around in the leaves at the edge of the woods.  I watched as Tubbs met up with Stella, checked out what she was sniffing, and then Tubbs lay down in the road beside Stella.  I have noticed Tubbs do this two or three times now and only when Stella is in or across the road.  (By the same token, Stella will not settle down and go to sleep at night as long as Tubbs is outside.)
  • Taking this and that to the storage shed, yesterday, I happened to pass downwind of something delightful.  Upon investigation, I discovered the overgrown shrubbery in front is infested with Honeysuckle…God’s gift to the rural countryside.
  • Driving home from church this morning, passing through a neighborhood that usually upsets me, I observed an older woman rushing to embrace a younger man who, I assume, was her son, nephew, or some other loved one.  One door down on the other side of the street, I saw a man carrying a boy of about 6 or 7, taking him to see the goat who was tending to the weeds in the corner of the yard.
  • Visiting my neighbor who will be seeing the specialist tomorrow morning, (who had admitted yesterday his concern over the upcoming visit), he told me how his radio, which he listens to constantly on his front deck, is broken…it is stuck on only one channel…the Christian radio station.

God is good and has blessed me with moments such as these.  Thank you, Jesus.  And to God be the Glory.


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2 thoughts on “Moments of True Blessing

  1. It will never cease to amaze me how Almighty God of everything will use simple, everyday happenings to show us just how much He loves us!

    Open the eyes of our hearts Lord, we want to see you…

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