I Find Myself in the Fray

I would rather not go into the details of how I found myself in a battle between good and evil.  I will simply say, the evil side has lost..not because of anything I have done but because death and evil lost the battle when Christ died on the cross.  The battle is won; Christ is victorious.  Grace IS.

I repeat myself, but this is not heaven; this is the life before the afterlife.  This is where battles are fought, where the tribulation will take place.  But until the time when Christ returns and takes the righteous up with Him, there is still work to be done.  Many (most?) people do not grasp that Christ has won.  When they hear the news of persecution and evil atrocities, they become increasingly frightened and disheartened.  They find it harder and harder to believe. That discouragement must be countered with assurances that Christ has died; Christ has risen; Christ will come again.

Christianity, the -ism, is not what is worth fighting for; it is the spirit and well-being of the fearful and downtrodden that is what is worth fighting for.  Jesus did not say, “Defend Christianity.”  Jesus said to fight injustice and atrocities wherever they are found and to whomever they are inflicted.  Injustices and atrocities take place down the street from me, in cyberspace, as well as on the opposite side of the planet.  People around us, particularly the weak and poor, feel totally helpless to do anything about the bad news they hear.  They need to be reminded to pray, hold fast to their beliefs, and when in doubt, hunch up close to Jesus.

The battle is, and always has been, a physical, material, psychological, and spiritual one.  There are people to feed, clothe, and heal.  There are hearts to mend and spirits to bolster.  There are people displaced who need shelter.  But they also need hope…to believe that this is not the end.  And they need to know that God Loves Them.  No Exceptions.  Regardless of what they have done…and left undone.

Be vigilant; be shrewd, be careful.  Protect yourself and others with the Name and Blood of Jesus.  But KNOW that He is Victorious and our eternity is sealed.  Smile.  Beam with happiness and joy at the good news of Christ.  The worst thing we can do is to spread fear and repeat news that does nothing more than scare people.  That’s where the power of the evil one comes from: fear and discouragement.  God is Big, Powerful, and Good.  The evil one and his minions are not.  In the presence of Jesus, the evil one shrivels and slithers away.  Know this and share it with others.

Thanks be to God and to God be the Glory, for ever and ever.

And all God’s children said…



(The image at the top is borrowed from the Leonardo da Vinci website..  It is a copy of Peter Paul Reuben’s “The Battle of Anghiari”)

3 thoughts on “I Find Myself in the Fray

  1. Awesome words of wisdom! This is so true. I find that I no longer have the need to fight for the “causes” but the fight is in giving others hope. You can feed fish to a person once but if you teach him how to fish, he can eat for the rest of his life. This is certainly what we need to focus on, giving others hope for tomorrow and eternity. I really love the way you chose to remind us that the victory has been won. It is certainly a done deal. Christ did the work. When we are faced with the trials and the attacks from the enemy, it is only to steal our hope. The enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Many times one will focus on the tangible things in regard to this Scripture. However, more important are the intangible things that he wants to destroy. It pays to remember this. Once hope is gone, there is nothing left. This reminder is a critical truth that needs to be repeated on a daily basis. We need to get it deep down in our souls so that we hold the truth beyond a shadow of a doubt. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. ” When we are faced with the trials and the attacks from the enemy, it is only to steal our hope.”.

      That’s exactly right. That’s the only power he has.


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