Holier than Thou

A fellow blogger was worried recently that he was coming across to others as sounding “Holier than Thou.”  I say:  Be as holy as you can stand to be!   Go for the Gold.  Push the envelope.

You can Not be holier than God.  In fact, no matter how holy you or I or the rest of us become, God will always be out in front of the parade, setting the standard (way way low so we can see it), raising the bar (again, way low), so let it all out.  Be as Holy as you can be.  And God bless you.

I can not think of a better state of affairs than for all of us to be as holy as we can be… so holy that we can’t stand it.  Now, before you go deleting my post, think about it for a minute.  If you have invited Jesus Christ into your life and you have been baptized with the Holy Spirit, then the Holy Spirit dwells in you…consequently, you are, even if only a little bit, holy.  ” because it is written, Be ye Holy, for I am holy.”  (That’s in 1st Peter.)

(God, forgive me if I am blaspheming but I am only being partially facetious when I poke fun at the idea that we are in any way standing up next to Your Holiness.  I hope the people reading this understand my healthy fear and respect of You; they don’t know me like You do.  But I am seeing more and more examples of small, confined, and limiting images of You…sort of like pocket divinity, something we can pull out if we need it and put away if we don’t…like the idea that You are not present unless we invite You in, or that the findings of science somehow threaten Your identity or existence.  I recently heard a prayer where the person praying  started to explain to You what a computer was.  Lord Jesus, have Mercy.  Have mercy and forgive us our stupidity.  Oh, and thank You for loving us…silly people.)

4 thoughts on “Holier than Thou

  1. Lol…cute post. It is interesting how when we pray sometimes we are explaining things to God He already knows. I am sure even in our finite abilities He gets a kick out of us. Thanks for sharing.


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