Hope for a Better Past

I don’t watch TV.  No, not at all.  Instead, I read…books, magazines, blog posts, … A favorite magazine is “Mindful.”  Some Christians may think that it sounds too Buddhist or New Age-y for them but I would point out that practicing the presence of God requires mindfulness.

In the issue of “Mindful” that I am reading today, I found the following bits of wisdom:

From the Point of View (Editor’s page), Barry Boyce writes about grief and letting go:  “Why is it so hard to let go of the smallest things?  We seem so attuned to gaining and getting.  We are more down with addition and multiplication than subtraction, and division is the worst of all.”  I am reminded of my post “You can not turn a negative into a positive by adding more negative.”

Barry goes on to quote Frank Ostaseski, “Regrets are common, thoughts of incompletion and unfinished business, struggles unresolved.  These are illusory, clingy thoughts, but you can see them, and let them go.  And do that each time they come back to visit.”  I have said much recently about letting go of anger, resentment, injustices, and abuses but letting go of regrets, missed opportunities, disappointments in ourselves, and dried-up dreams is just as important if we are wanting to open up communications with God.  Any issue that we dwell on or focus on that distracts us from the here and now with our Creator is just that…a distraction..and an energy drain.

Later in the magazine, in the article “How to live a mindful life,” item 7: Forgive and Let Go:

Lily Tomlin once said, “Forgiveness means letting go of the hope for a better past.”  Letting go is hard.  It’s also easy – we let go every single night when we go to bed.  When we hold onto our mistakes or the mistakes of others, it only serves to stress us out, which has negative impacts on our minds, bodies, and  relationships.  Ask yourself, “Am I ready to let go of this burden?”  If so, try breathing in and acknowledging the pain you feel, breathing out and releasing the burden.

Remember my points in “Dare to Change?”  and “Don’t Hate…Just Don’t?” and recently in “How to Win the War?” about the need to let go of everything, good and bad, that becomes a burden, blocking the way to reconciliation with God?  I would add to Item 7, the need to fill in behind the released burden with good stuff like thankfulness, gratitude, and awareness of God.  And there’s always help from the Holy Spirit to identify those burdens and just how to let them go.

Thanks be to God and to God be the Glory.



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