Brush-B-Gone and Jesus

This is the window in my bathroom.  Anyone who has ever spent time out of doors knows that what is climbing outside my window is poison ivy.  It struck me as I sat there gazing on the hated stuff (did I say ‘hate?’) is that that window is a good analogy for my life these days.  To give you some insight, there were only two clusters, of three leaves each, in that window two days ago.  It is time for the Brush-B-Gone…(great stuff).

As the analogy alludes, my home and life have been encroached upon lately.  It has seemed as if dark forces have been on me like socks.  My gmail accounts have been hacked.  Passwords have been stolen then changed to passwords I don’t know.  My cell phone took on a life of its own.  I’m keenly aware of everything going on around me.

But, like the window in my bathroom, I can see the evil but there is a window between me and it.  That pane of (plexi-) glass is my faith in God and trust in the protection of the Holy Spirit.  I fall back on what I said in “Shadrach, Meshach, and whatshisname,”

I serve God, through Jesus, with strength and conviction from the Holy Spirit and in the Name of Jesus, saved by His blood by the Grace of God.  I look to Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the very Father God to protect and save me.  But if He does not, I will not turn from God nor will I stop drawing close to Jesus and neither will I stop turning to the Holy Spirit for guidance and protection.  I will not worship anything else.  Emphasis, MINE.

Are there any questions?

Now, where’s that jug of Brush-B-Gone?

(Thank you, God.)

What are Your thoughts?

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