The Mosquito Moped

While driving to the drug store a few mornings ago, I watched as a moped (you know the kind that sounds like an angry mosquito in your ear) pulled out of the Dollar General, cut across all four lanes of traffic (plus the turn lane in the middle) cut across a parking lot of a long abandoned business (avoiding the yellow light that I ran to keep up with him), and continued around the corner of the business and headed up the street.  I followed because for some reason, I loved this guy.

This guy’s energy was infectious; it was clear to me, immediately, that he has taken this trek numerous times and his moped seemed to have developed muscle memory.  If you zoom in on the picture, you see he carries crutches with he kind of permanent-looking padding on the arm rests.  He is toting toilet paper, paper towels, and at least two bags of what seem to be just groceries, maybe more.  He is watching me in his rear view mirror because I have conspicuously accelerated to close the distance between us; this is about the 3rd of 4 or 5 pictures I took of him.

Purely conjecture on my part, but I am guessing this guy has some permanent disability that prevents him from walking and possibly driving…or he cannot afford a car…or he lost his license (as so many people do around here.  My daughter calls his moped a “DUI Mobile.”)  Regardless, he drove into a run down trailer park (again, a very common thing around here) with no trees, no shade, (Have I mentioned we’ve been averaging 100 degrees and 42 drops of rain for weeks?), no flowers, nothing but sand and gravel and broken down you name it in the yard.

But this guy has pep.  I know, that’s a dumb word, but he did.  He was a man with a mission.  The way he banked those turns and zipped across traffic told me he was in the zone.

There is no other similarity with the rich young ruler, but I remember what Mark said about Jesus’s reaction to the ruler; Mark states that, before Jesus challenged the young man, “Jesus felt a love for him.”

I suppose my Mosquito Moped Guy struck a chord in me; something about the seemingly cheerful energy, in spite of dismal circumstances and physical adversity, opened up the heavens so that I could hear the angels singing.

(God, please bless my Mosquito Moped Guy.  I love him, dearly, and he brought me such joy.  I pray that You do whatever is necessary to open up his connection to You so that he is aware of Your love.  Thank you.)

What are Your thoughts?

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