God Works in Amazing Ways


(There’s that word again, “amazing;”  I must work on my vocabulary)

The local power company has contracted Asplundh to trim and cut back trees and shrubs from under the power lines.  They have good reason to; a few months back, power went out in dozens of areas in the upstate and Georgia due to falling limbs and trees during the typical windy, late winter.

The gentleman I spoke to yesterday said my dogwood would have to be topped out.  Well, you don’t top out dogwoods, so I did some research on where and how to trim a limb from a dogwood, dragged out my metal extension ladder, climbed my dogwood, and began removing the one offending limb with a Japanese hand saw.

Before I even got halfway through, I got dizzy and had to stop.  I put day-glow (Clemson Orange) duct tape around the limb and left a note for the trimmers.

This morning, the foreman, Chris, called me and we discussed the situation.  He’s a very nice young man (we had met a day or two earlier up at the corner and had discussed my bluebird houses, which currently house fledgelings.).

Well, long story short(er), the gentleman I spoke with yesterday had misspoken about topping out my dogwood, and, in fact, I was cutting back more of the limb that I needed to.

Furthermore, had I not felt dizzy and stopped, the limb would have dropped, touching the power line, and with my standing on a metal extension ladder, I would likely have been killed.

Chris pointed this out to me this morning.  Now, I knew all this.  Well, the knowledge exists in my memory banks, anyway.  (Today, they would call it, my ‘cloud.’ ). I have a degree in the stuff.  I know those lines are not insulated.  I know electricity seeks the quickest way to the ground…which at the time was through me.

I firmly believe the Holy Spirit made me dizzy so that I would cease and desist and climb down.

And I find that amazing.

Thank you God and to God be the Glory.

2 thoughts on “God Works in Amazing Ways

  1. Wow, wow, wow! It’s so beautiful when we see God and how much He cares about our everyday lives! Glad you are OK!


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