Clear Communication

Lately, I have been very outspoken about the evil one, his minions, and people who have bought into his propaganda.

This morning, during several attempts to communicate with followers that I have not heard from in a while, the system has reset itself and deleted what I had typed.  I consider manipulation of communications and censorship to be workings of the evil one.

Cutting to the worst case scenario, if anything suspicious happens to me, my brother has been given instructions on how to communicate with you and to let you know.  You know that if anything suspicious does happen to me, it is likely because I have told the truth and that the truth is a serious threat to the evil one.

May God bless us all and thank you, Holy Spirit, for protecting us. (In Your Name, Jesus, I pray that I may only convey what is true and helpful to those desiring to remain with You in eternity. )  Thanks be to God and to God be the Glory.

10 thoughts on “Clear Communication

  1. I see a comment of mine had disappeared?? Not long ago, I was blocked by social media itself because I exposed a particular evil. Apparently, it is quite OK to bash people from one walk of faith but, when exposing the same evil within my own spiritual home, the vultures are ready. Some people do not want truth to be heard, at personal and enterprise level.

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      1. WordPress usually is quite OK. Are you on Windows or Mac? Which version? What browser are you using? Answer me via email, it is not good answering that here….check your email inbox.

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        1. There’s nothing from you in my inbox. Your comment here has been approved but I did not do it. I use Windows 10, The Windows Edge browser, and run Windows Defender regularly.

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          1. Oh thanks….by the way, my own WordPress is behaving weirdly so I think there may just be a technical issue with themselves. If mine continues, I will report the funny way it duplicates my pictures in posts. For now, I may just clear my browser’s cache, restart and then maybe all is resolved.


          2. I had a ‘technical issue’ a while back where my Android cell phone took a selfie when I ‘liked’ a blog post. I had just responded to another post about the Nigerian terrorists persecuting Christians. When I reviewed my log, I saw notes of a “GCM token.” I looked up “GCM token” and found that there are known Trojans (documented in PC Magazine in 2013) that travel in on GCM commands undetected and unpreventable. One place these Trojans originate from is Nigeria. I uninstalled the WordPress app from my cell phone and only post through browsers which are different from Android apps and have different protections.

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          3. I do not even use Windows or Mac but use a hardened web browser running on a much more secure operating system from a flashdrive. I am an oldtimer in IT and maybe a bit too paranoid but the malware on my son’s Mac were the worst infection I have seen for decades. No antivirus can protect Android just as no virus can affect it. Malware can certainly invade your Android simply because of the permission WE give to apps when we install it.

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          4. And we unwittingly give away our permissions, constantly…and in many areas, not just technology. I, too, am an old school programmer. Used the web when it was still ftp-linked computers between scientists. (No, Time magazine, the Pentagon did not invent the internet.)

            But this is the only hardware I have. I will add here that I am not afraid. I am determined to continue to get God’s message out if I have to resort to the USPS, semaphore, or smoke signals…however, locals burn their trash so it is unlikely anyone will notice my smoke signals.

            WordPress is aware of my Trojan infection and has yet to respond other than to say “This is a first…” Really?

            I am capable of moving my blog out of the WordPress environment but will lose some connectivity, if I do. It would be a trade-off.

            As I say, I am not afraid for myself but will continue to reach out and communicate as best I can. I am committed to being a truthful and effective ambassador for my Lord, Jesus Christ, and In His Holy Name. Thanks be to God.

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