(Jesus, I don’t understand…

…I have 54 followers.  Paltry, but 54, nonetheless.  You gave me the idea, if not the instruction, to teach kindness in school.  But only 4 people ‘liked’ the idea…even though it came directly from You.  No one re-posted it.  No one commented.  To my knowledge, no one passed the idea along to friends, family, pastors, much less to anyone who would have the ability to add such a class to the curriculum.

But, it is such a brilliant idea.  I don’t get it.  How often do You talk directly to people these days?  Not much, right?  So when you do, no one listens.  Or is it they don’t believe it came from You…

Okay, for now, let’s put aside their non acceptance that the idea came from You.  It is still a brilliant idea.  Why would we Not teach kindness in school?  Corporations spend millions of dollars sending groups to team building seminars to learn basic ‘getting along’ skills because people didn’t learn how to get along in school or in their families.  It’s long over-due.  I don’t see the problem.

But wait…belief in You is also a very good idea and people don’t flock to get to know You, either, do they?  What’s wrong with people?  Aahhh, they’re blinded…blinded by distractions, addictions, lies from the evil one, self-importance, self-hate, focusing on being successful in this life,…, it goes on.  They are blind.  They don’t see the truth.

It must be heartbreaking to have what people need and to have done what You could to get it across to them…and yet they still don’t see.  wow.

It’s so simple.  Some things really are simple.

I’m sorry, Jesus.  I’m sorry it took so many years for me to get it.  I know You tried many times.  I’m sorry.  Forgive me.)

16 thoughts on “(Jesus, I don’t understand…

    1. Yes, but then you have the separation of church and state to contend with. Kindness is not just a Christian concept so there would be no reason for debate or contention.

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    2. BTW, God IS in our schools. Just because there is no prayer in school does not mean God is not present. God does not need to be invoked to be there. And, if God is in our children, then God is in the school.

      Kindness does not automatically follow wherever there is prayer. I’ve been in a lot of church committee meetings where there was no kindness.

      What I am talking about is teaching the skills to get along with others.

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      1. I guess when I think of prayer I think of prayers by people who are really in communion with God and not just praying to be heard. Yes I have been in those same type of committee meetings and am reminded of Christ’s teaching about Pharisees praying to be seen. If our prayers are actually speaking with God and not to Him it is about relationship and walking with Him. It should follow, if we are that close with Him we would also reflect Him and His kindness and compassion?


        1. But we are talking about children. Some children are not taught at home, how to get along. I do not think it is the place of public school to teach how or what to pray…or to Whom. I do think it is appropriate to teach children how to get a job and keep a job, hence reading, writing, and arithmetic…as well as balancing a check book. How to not get pregnant is taught in schools. Teaching children how to get along is appropriate and would not require a change in the law.

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          1. I would agree with the thought it is not the place of public schools to teach prayer or who to pray to. I just wish the kids were given the space to acknowledge God if they choose to. Somewhere along the line of history the message of separation of church and state became confused and turned backwards. In our constitution it’s purpose was to protect church denominations from being discriminated against by the state picking a state endorsed religious denomination such as there had been in England. I am with vercellonopace; I plan to stay behind the trends and treat people with respect and kindness :). Keep the great posts coming. You are making us all think and that is a great start to changing our world one person at a time.


          2. One more thought…one does not need ‘space’ or a designated time or opportunity to pray…ask Viktor Frankl. Furthermore, one can acknowledge God at any time…even all the time. I am not directing these thoughts at you in particular; I think these are common concerns and common beliefs. While God may not barge His way into a person’s life, He is ever-present and in our schools…at all times. Children who have been taught to pray whenever they feel upset, happy, afraid, stressed, etc. will naturally pray to themselves when in school. Such teaching should be done at home and in churches. But many children are seldom taught how to stand up for themselves without infringing on the rights of others. They are not taught how to be tactful and polite. They are not taught how to compromise. Teaching these skills would be appropriate in schools.


  1. I enjoyed your post and the heartfelt cry to Jesus. I do agree that kindness is not a given just because there is prayer. However, if you are praying Biblically, your heart has to be right before God and forgiveness should be ruling your heart. It is not always that way. Teaching others how to treat one another is now a necessity. I try to understand the philosophy behind calling each the “B” word and other methods of addressing one another that is considered to be okay. I am so behind the times when it comes to treating people the trending way. I plan to stay behind the times. Kindness is not just giving a dollar because you want to feel good. It is also about how we talk to each other, listen to each other and help each other. Getting along with one another requires compromise and sometimes not getting just what you want at the time.

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    1. ” Kindness…is also about how we talk to each other, listen to each other and help each other. Getting along with one another requires compromise and sometimes not getting just what you want at the time.” Exactly.

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  2. I remember in high school (only 25-30 years ago) we did have lessons in just plain getting along with one another. There were hand-outs, homework and deep discussion on how to live at peace with one another.

    I think I may have missed your previous post on this topic!


    1. My previous post was “Getting Along 101.” Where did you go to school? Schools were being desegregated when I was in the 10th Grade. We had heated discussions in our Student Government meetings, that got us nowhere, but no classes.

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