Don’t Hate…Just Don’t

The opposite of Hate is not tolerance.  I’m not even going to suggest the opposite of Hate is Love.  The opposite of Hate is an appropriate response that does the opposite of playing into the hands of the perpetrator and/or the evil one.  The family members who forgave and asked God’s forgiveness for the one who murdered the nine blessed church members last summer, did the opposite of Hate…and gave no power to the man’s cause and no power to the evil one.  And THAT is how it is done.

That situation was complex and not all family members bought into the Amazing Grace expressed in that courtroom and that is Fine and totally understandable.

An appropriate response to expressions and actions of evil can take many forms but does this one thing: it weakens the influence of evil.  Hope, faith, optimism, perseverance, kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, telling the truth, resolute conviction that Christ Won the battle on the Cross and Nothing can change that.  Nothing.

I would have a T-shirt that says “Love…Just Love” but the word “Love” is difficult to define; it is nebulous and covers a lot of expressions and actions.  But, you know Hate when you see it.  Hate has a smell.

Don’t Hate…just don’t go there.  Keep your mind on the good: think about the strong response of Christians and non-Christians alike…everywhere…who are showing compassion to the families of the ones who were killed.  If your emotions are over-powering, shift them to righteous indignation and rail against the evil one but do it in the Name of Christ and with the power of His blood.  No rancor.  Bless persecuted people, everywhere.  No spitting hate.  Praise the Almighty.  No condemnation.  Sing Hymns.  Don’t despair.  Hope in Life Everlasting.

I never thought I would praise ‘the media’ but when the media refuses to publicize actions performed to gain attention, they are doing the correct thing.  Do likewise.  Do not give your energy to evil.  Shift your reactions away from a negative response to a positive one…somewhere.

The bottom line:  the evil one wants us to hate, wants us to despair, wants us to be fearful and disheartened.  Do not give him the satisfaction.  Jesus Is Victorious.  He is With you.  The Holy Spirit will give you the words to say and the words to pray.  God is In Control.

Thanks be to God and to God be the Glory.


I bought the T-Shirt.  No, I really did.  I ordered two purple T-shirts with the words “Don’t Hate” on the front, and “Just Don’t” on the back.  I gave the second one to an engineering student who works at the Mall and is getting his degree at Clemson University.  If you are interested in getting a T-shirt like it, I ordered mine from Spreadshirt.

12 thoughts on “Don’t Hate…Just Don’t

  1. Great post, Kitsy. “No rancor. Bless persecuted people, everywhere. No spitting hate. Praise the Almighty. No condemnation. Sing Hymns. Don’t despair. Hope in Life Everlasting.” Amen to that.

    I bought a similar T-shirt, though political in nature. It says, “Love trumps hate.” (signed Hillary)

    I couldn’t resist. 😉


  2. This makes me want to drive to your lake and give you a hug. I just don’t like hate very much at all…unfortunately I see so much of it out here on the road. With sooooo many people types driving trucks, I see hate first hand in different forms. All I can do some moments is scream (in my head) God get here quick!

    Thanks for your post!


    1. I’d hug you right back, sweetie.

      Yesterday I walked into the garden center and a multi-racial family was at the checkout…lovely couple with precious children. Standing way back behind them was a hater-type, scowling. Jesus made me turn around and go back. I hovered for a bit and then commented on how precious the two boys were with their mother-done haircuts. I gave them cards with my web address on them and gave them big smiles. The hater-type shook his head slowly and frowned. I asked him ‘Howya doin’ and made a furtive sign of the Cross as I passed. The man behind him nodded.

      I’ve taken on a big field, here, dear, and the weeds have deep roots. But Jesus keeps my hoe sharp and the Holy Spirit keeps it oiled and rust-ftee. Blessed friends like you, are with me, too.

      (Happy Father’s Day, God.)

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  3. I agree Love is a word that means so many different things. As I was reading scripture the words of Christ jumped off the page and into my heart but not before a hard swallow. Jesus said to his disciples to love one another as he loved them. I don’t know what Christ did for you but I know what he did for me. I don’t know what you did to offend him but I know what I did. I also know I’m desperate for his forgiveness. So regardless of what could be done to me it’s not worse than what I did to Christ. Why? Because willful sin is like Crucifying him over and over each and every time. Could you imagine asking the one you murdered to forgive you? Then having him respond with Yes but I need you to love them like I’ve love you and saying sorry Jesus I’d rather burn in Hell! Don’t hate Just love them like Christ loved you. Keep up the work sister you are helping folks.

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    1. Dearest, there is much I want to respond here, but I must reply first: folks ain’t seein’ this. Most of my posts get 4-5 views at the most. But, I keep puttin’ ’em out there….

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      1. Not sure how WordPress does the counter but I thought the same for a while. I do a good bit of face to face ministry. I found out with those people that they read most every post once posted. Even when the counter doesn’t increment people are reading whether through the reader or otherwise I don’t know. Most importantly as you draw from the Holy Spirit He is showing you how He feels about things touching your heart. Let this encourage you. God’s peace is far better than man’s or the appearance of man’s on the hit counter. I am an encourager but make an effort to do so being led by the Spirit. Your response tells me that I’m on target. So again I say keep doing what you are doing as led by the Holy Spirit you are helping folks! Take care enjoy the peace of God in Christ’s love.

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        1. I just responded to a post addressing whether or not this is a Christian nation. Here come the arguments…pray I am hearing the Spirit clearly…


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