Please and Thank You

Remember your Grandmother reminding you to say “please” and “thank you?”  Of course, you do.

I never have been able to pray out loud the way others can.  When I do pray out loud, I am alone, and I start with “God? Please….” and I end with “Thank you.”  It only seems natural to do it that way.

By the way, ever since my college days, I have listened to others start their prayers with, “Jesus, I just….”

What is this “just” business?   Why “just?”  Just what?  Is it that they don’t want Jesus to make the mistake that there are any concerns outside of “just what I am talking about, now.”  “I just…”  To me, that seems sloppy and a bit too casual.  Sure, it is important to become comfortable in one’s communicating with God but…really?  Just?

Anyway, back to please and thank you.  I will reiterate what my dear beloved Irene said in one of her poems, that “Fear” of God does not exactly mean “Terror” and some people, recovering from a childhood with an abusive father, may need to be able to think of God in a much gentler and safer light.  But, I still feel more comfortable being polite and respectful and therefore remembering to say “Please” and “Thank you.”

…and, “I love you” and “good night.”

What are Your thoughts?

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