Nigerian Christians Praying for the American Church and Need Our Help

You have my Prayer. Thank you. And thank you for caring for people so much in need and hidden from view. Often, media coverage of such things just gets blurred with all the other bad news and atrocities. People, here, get overwhelmed and turn away. Sound bites are easily dismissed But God hears prayers. Fervent prayers and pleas for help, I think, are more effective. Thank you again.


Nigerian Christians Photo property of Voice of the Persecuted Project 133 Nigeria “We are praying for you in America!” A group of Nigerian Christians gathered to worship the Lord despite the hardships and atrocities they face.

(Voice of the Persecuted) This past weekend, Nigerian Christians listened to a sermon about letting go of bitterness and thoughts of revenge. To forgive and to have the heart of Jesus. They also prayed for us, the American Church this weekend!!! They are praying for our elections as what happens here also greatly affects them. They always remember us in their prayers, let us keep them daily in our prayers too. Pray also for Gideon, a courageous man of God and our refugee camp project leader. Much love for Brother Gideon and all our Nigerian brothers and sisters.

These dear ones are suffering horrific atrocities by the Boko Haram and now endangered by the Fulani who have become emboldened by their collaboration with…

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