Reflecting God’s Image

I am re-posting …after I add the fact that homosexuality and trans-gender issues are not mentioned in the Ten Commandments. I have been an adultress; that IS in the Ten Commandments. I can not, nor do I wish to, cast any stones. I choose to love.

Susan Irene Fox

©chaseroflight ©chaseroflight

Outlier: Someone who stands apart from others of his or her group by differing behavior, believes or practices. Maverick; dissenter; iconoclast.

Well, I suppose I’ve always been an outlier. Challenging. Researching. Looking at both sides of an issue. I’m a former teacher. Over twenty years. It’s what I do, and it’s what I taught my students to do. Critical thinking. I’ve never swallowed rules or dogma whole. I’ve done my best to dig and excavate, figuring out why and how and when. It’s how I came to Christ.

Those who never seemed to “fit” always seemed to be on the edges. What became clear is that “outliers” are necessary. Simply by moving from the safe centre they allow others to feel safe moving away from the centre. And those outliers (the same and different) must always be on the fringes. Always allowing others to look beyond the middle…

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