An Appropriate and Powerful Response

Do you remember how you responded after the shock of 9/11 waned enough for you to stand up and walk again?  If you were like me, you went out and found an American flag and taped it to your car window.  I put a tiny flag on my desk and looked up the rules for the proper displaying of the flag.  I made sure the flag I flew in front of my house never got wet in the rain, was put up at sunrise and came down at sunset.

I was just like most Americans in that there was not much else I could do besides pray for our safety, to show the terrorists that we were not afraid and we would not give in to their threats and their show of hatred toward America.

But that was all I could do.

That was then.  THIS IS NOW.

We have a much more tangible way to respond to the displays of anger, hatred, and evil in the world around us.  And this is what I am going to do:

In response to racial anger and resentment, I will demonstrate to every person I meet, REGARDLESS OF THEIR RACE:





and the Grace which I have received from God in abundance.

In response to stories and accusations of bias, injustice, unfair practices, hype, and propaganda, I will remind everyone who will listen, that we are all to blame and the only correct course of action is to STOP.  Stop, turn around, and do the opposite:  I will continue to be an ambassador for Christ and demonstrate 1) Love of God and 2) Love of Everyone.

An appropriate response to this assault on humanity is to show that WE WILL NOT DO LIKEWISE.

The buck stops here.  The hate stops at my door.  The attacks, accusations, lies, and slander stop at my mouth.

I will not spread or return anything but love, kindness, charity, compassion, understanding, and a whole shit-load of patience and forgiveness…so help me God.

(And I mean that, God…You’re going to have to help me.)

5 thoughts on “An Appropriate and Powerful Response

  1. Well said. And in doing so, we can come up with solutions that consider everyone involved. We cannot blame the citizens for everything nor can we blame those in authority. Individuals need to be held accountable and laws need to hold everyone accountable. That said, we need to be thinking about changes that help everyone.

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    1. The thing about laws is this: laws must be equitable…and I think, for the most part, discrimination based on gender, race, etc. is against the law. Those who are killing are knowingly and willingly in violation of the law. In the case of profiling, it would be very difficult to prove an officer of the law was basing an action purely based on race, etc.

      My point is this: people who perpetrate acts of violence and hate are acting from their hearts…not the law. Unless the law is inadequate to punish the perpetrators, the problem is not with the law; the problem is with the hearts of those willing to act in violation of the law to act out on their hate…in violation of the law and in spite of the law.

      It may all be too late. Those who promote evil are doing all they can to pit us against each other…and it is working…dammit. And most people are clueless…

      Come, Lord Jesus; I think it’s time…

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  2. Kitsy, you are right-on. You said, “Those who promote evil are doing all they can to pit us against each other”. That, to me, is a definite sign of spiritual warfare. The enemy wants to pit humans against each other and strengthen his stronghold. History has proven to repeat itself over and over again. The hatred going out everywhere is no sign of trying to better this world, it only increases the hate. Love God. Love each other. Simple. Not rocket science. Wake up people and do what is right in the eyes of The Lord.

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    1. And I am running out if ideas. My posts get very few views. My email has been hacked. My phone and desk top have been infected. I will soon be reduced to hand to hand combat. But, I will not give up. I am on the side of the Light and will not change. (Tell me what to do, Jesus.)

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