Every American willing to work hard should be able to find a job that pays enough to support a family

(While waiting for eternity and between practices of the presence of God, I thought I’d read a bit about politics.  Personally, I have always felt that a full-time job should provide a living wage; no one should have to hold two or three jobs to support a family they never see.  So, I am posting here some of Hillary Clinton’s ideas and sentiments that struck a chord with me,  concerning her proposals for the American economy.  When the other guy comes up with ideas worth repeating, I’ll post them, too.)

“we can’t ignore those who are still stuck on the sidelines or working part-time when what they really want is a full-time job.

“Or those trapped in long-term joblessness, whether they’re veterans, workers with disabilities, people coming home from prison or young people who tried to start their careers in the midst of the great recession.

“I’m worried that if young people don’t get that first job when they’re young, learn about work, understand the obligations as well as the promise of work, it will be even more difficult to get them into the work force later on.

“start by helping families be their child’s first teachers, and we’re going to give them the support they need to do that.

“And when it comes to primary and secondary education, I pledge to you we’re going to make sure all kids have good teachers in good schools, no matter what zip code they live in.

“new tax credits to encourage more companies to offer paid apprenticeships that lets you earn while you learn.

“make it easier to have (student) debt forgiven by doing national service. Let’s make it easier to repay what you owe as a portion of your income, so you never have to pay more than you can afford.

“make companies that outsource jobs to other countries pay back the tax breaks they received while they were here in America.

“If corporations try to move their headquarters to a foreign country to skip out on their tax bills, let’s slap a new exit tax on them, and then put that money to work in the communities left behind.

“pass the so-called Buffet rule, so top executives can’t pay a lower rate than their secretary.

“you shouldn’t have to worry that your family could lose your health care or retirement savings just because you change jobs or start a small business.

“a secure retirement for everyone and to provide families relief from crushing costs in health care, housing, prescription drugs.

“Families should not have to pay more than 10 percent of your income for childcare.

“if fighting for childcare, paid leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in.

“end the strangle hold that the wealthy and special interests have on so much of our government.”

8 thoughts on “Every American willing to work hard should be able to find a job that pays enough to support a family

  1. I have been dismayed about the presidential race. However, I will have to vote for Hillary. I am not inclined to follow the race as closely as I have been in the past so I appreciate your post very much. All the more reason to vote for Hillary. Thank you for posting. I have to take to heart the concern regarding two part time jobs just to make ends meet. I am certainly there. Considering another state move to see if I can find a full-time job somewhere else. Would you be inclined to lift that in prayer when you think about me? Thanks. I am seriously committed to being led by the Lord and if it is time to move, it’s time.

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    1. I will lift up your decision and ask other readers to do the same. (Okay, Jesus, Sandra needs help making her decision…move? don’t move…if so, where? Your guidance is best. You know her concerns: family, income, time and opportunity to serve You. I know her desire to go where she can serve You is foremost in her mind. Thank you, Jesus. I ask in Your Name and to the Glory of You.)

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  2. I know next to zip about economics. Quantum physics, astronomy, and art…okay. But I will be showing my ignorance here: I know a little about a market economy and concepts like “what the market will bear” and ‘supply and demand.’ Does that mean that without eternal influence, the economy corrects itself and equalizes (considering income vs. cost-of-living) at a point where a certain percentage of Americans must fall below the poverty level, i.e., their income is lower than their cost-of-living? And if so, is that because of the obscenely high incomes of a few?

    Somebody, straighten me out, please.


  3. Hillary and her husband are two of the most thoroughly corrupt political figures in American history. They make Richard Nixon look like Moses. I would never, ever, ever, ever vote for her. She’s lying through her teeth to arouse your sympathies. Don’t think for a second she gives two hoots about you and your problems.


    1. There are degrees of corruption in just about everyone in politics. (Notice I said “just about” )

      I will take corrupt over dangerous. Hillary’s opponent is popular with a large group of people because he has conveyed hatred to be a virtue. He has a charisma about him, because of his ego. Ronald Reagan was also a charismatic leader but Reagan complemented his leadership abilities with wise, experienced advisors. Hillary’s opponent is well known for not taking advice and unless he shows evidence that he will, his ignorance, attitudes, tendency to bail, fire, sue, or declare bankruptcy when things don’t go his way, he scares me. His love and admiration for other demogogues is also alarming. The Clinton’s reputation concerning corrupt practices is a known evil and not uncommon. But their philosophies and rhetoric are not working hard to undo everything I am working for…that of teaching and encouraging others to not hate.

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      1. Yes I respect where you are coming from. I think we have a responsibility to pursue best practices which guarantee the security of all. That’s in business, national security, etc. There’s nothing hateful about upholding the law and securing national borders and being fair in trade. Why is the media not exposing the Clinton Foundation? Why are people okay with the Clintons receiving millions in money and endorsements from people who support terror, and Trump is self-financed, yet he is a hate-monger and the Clintons are for peace? It’s not logical. The “rhetoric”, as you put it, doesn’t mean anything. What matters are deeds. People are put off by Trump’s communication style (it grates me as well) but substantively he has far more integrity than his opponent. I liked Sanders and it’s a shame to me that he backed out of the race under pressure. I would have rather seen a contested fight at the Dem.Convention.


        1. It is a shame that we must choose between the two evils. From what I understand, Sanders would have made a good options. I am not impressed with Trump’s performance any more than I am his communication style…hence my reference to his tendencies to sue and bail when he doesn’t get what he wants. If he is setting an example of declaring bankruptcy (repeatedly) for all Americans to follow, and even worse, the country, we’ll be in a real mess that would make 2008 look like a spilled cup of milk. What deeds are you referring to? What are your examples of his integrity? He reminds me of the wealthy who have taken over the islands off of Charleston: we have what we want, now burn the bridge and tax the undesirables (the local people) off of the island. I am all for a secure border to prevent the inflow of drugs…not to block the poor from seeking a new life. He appears for all the world to be an elitist and doesn’t like certain classes of people, or weakness, or the unfortunate…the very types Jesus reached out to…the people who founded this country.

          Ironically, it is the common people that are supporting him. The ‘elite’ of his party don’t want him.

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          1. I used to know a lot of the “elites” in the Republican party when I was in business with my dad years ago and I wasn’t impressed with the “insiders”. I agree with much of what you are saying. The fact is we are not players, but observers. We have the greater work, which is to love our neighbor.

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