From my sick bed

(Note: The statements below are sarcasm and not what I know to be truth.)

Don’t be alarmed. There’s no cause for concern. The excessive heat we are experiencing is Not Global Warming but simply manipulated data perpetrated by the beltway bandits and political pundits who (in truth) have absolutely nothing to do with the data but we have to blame somebody; it sure ain’t us.


See how I know the truth.

Concerning the post Causing Problems with Strongly Held Beliefs… I add this note:  (Addendum 2016/06/14:  I was contacted recently by someone who would not share his/her name or contact information but said that he/she was “with (my) brother” in that because of his/her education as an engineer, he/she “only trusted the data and not any interpretation of it.”  I would like to point out that as a physicist, I too only trust the data…which is my point; I trust these data.)

What are Your thoughts?

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