All Lives Matter

” Every life taken in anger… is simply because people’s pride and ego are too inflated, their greed and ambitions too important. Regardless of who they are.

” We all need to bow our heads in utter shame, we need to repent, we need to follow the Two Commandments of Jesus.”

It is no longer important who hit whom first.

It is no longer important why.

It is no longer important what has gone before.


Stop hurting others.

Stop hating.

Stop killing.

Just Stop It.

3 thoughts on “All Lives Matter

  1. Thank you for the reblog. I have just made another post after a train driver was shot and killed today. South Africans are fast becoming a traumatised nation.


    1. I cry for you and your country.

      But, personally, I am somewhere between white-hot pissed and so frustrated that I’m steaming.

      I am wanting to shake people until their teeth rattle. We are all so focused on each other that we don’t see our common enemy. Satan and his minions and followers are pitting us against each other and most people are playing along.

      It isn’t white against black, African against Afrikaner, Islam against Christian,… It is a battle of alliances: the dark side vs the light side. All of this race stuff is a distraction and a ploy to encourage all of us to buy into the lies and to hate, kill, and ignore God.

      I have been tempted to quit but I will not. I am like Lot, looking for one righteous soul…one person willing to turn away from the lies, the propaganda, and to see that the only real response is to return to God.

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      1. Exactly….this is also what I said in previous posts. I just also wanted to give some racists something to think about, as all day I must hear how racist I am just because of my complexion. In another post, I reminded readers that our fight is not against flesh and blood. Some are so biased, though, that a reality check is needed. Now, if we all can unite against crime….


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