loss and learning

I am re-blogging this in honor of the author’s friendship and in memory of the author’s friend.

Today is also the 6th anniversary of the death of my dear friend, Frances Irene Nuite Lofton. She was an 82-year old saint. She was a poet, mother, grand-mother, and faith warrior. She had been my mother’s best friend and became my dearest friend. She prayed for me and my children every morning at 7:30 am.

the Confessions of a Wanderer

Today I’ve been spending a lot more time than usual reflecting on life…. 

I feel as if all my recent blog posts have been about all the crazy things spinning round and round in circles in my head. But sometimes that’s part of living abroad, just because you’re living in a different country, in a different place doesn’t mean your life stops.

As I’ve mentioned before briefly, about two and a half years ago a close friend of mine died, and as today would have been her birthday I’ve been thinking about her a lot. (Live for now ). I’m thinking about the friendship we had, the memories we shared and how lucky I am to have gotten to meet her. I’m thinking about the things she taught me both in her life and in her death.

I know that I will never forget her, and always I will…

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