Male or Female

There has been a lot of upset lately about the transgender issue.  Since childhood, I have not been disturbed by transgender issues but now that transgender people are being so vilely mistreated, I feel I must speak out.

When I was a child, my father was a traveling salesman for a plumbing supply company.   He knew a lot of people as a result of his travels. When I was about 8 or 9, he told me of a child about my same age or younger who had been raised as a girl but was actually a boy.   The child’s genitals were deformed from birth but because ‘she’ did not have a penis, the child was raised as a girl.  As the child grew, the character and personality was more that of a boy.  After further examination,  it was discovered the boy’s genitals were inverted.  The child had surgery and was lovingly supported to grow up as a boy.  In fact, the family moved to a different town to allow the child a fresh start.

I am relating this story only to explain why I feel the way I do about the  transgender issue.  I am not implying a transgender person is in any way ‘deformed.’   My point is this:  for whatever reason, that person has discovered that his or her character and personality is that of the opposite sex.

Furthermore, it is my belief that the first thing one must do when anyone struggles with gender issues is to love them…because, chances are, that person (especially a child) will also have identity issues, self-esteem issues, and possibly abuse issues.

I see it as the same thing as (actually, it is worse than)  forcing a left-handed child to write with the right hand.  Not only are you making them feel bad because, in your opinion, it is ‘wrong’ to be as they naturally are, you are adding more stress to an otherwise difficult life.

Someone mentioned a baker’s refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple’s wedding.   Ironically, I had a gay baker bake the cake for my wedding.  (A ‘friend’ said, “Well, I hope he washed his hands.”. What?!?!)

I try to believe that people think and say and believe stupid things out of fear…  fear of the unknown or fear of the unusual.  I know two brothers who live in my neighborhood.  They were raised the same way.  However, one went into the Navy and served along side black people.  The other did not.  Guess which one has no problem with black people.

So, today I am praying for all of the people struggling with transgender issues:  the transgender ones, as well as those speaking out and acting out, in fear.

By the way, I strongly commend the love and supportive actions of the parents of the child I mentioned, above.  That’s how it is done.


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3 thoughts on “Male or Female

  1. Its not about someone being trans. its about their Bully tactics. Forcing others to make them special class over anyone else. What about protecting women and children from the predators who just want to get in the womens bathroom…. Why force any business to serve someone? If you turn it around and force a Trans gender or homosexual to serve a group that is opening anti them having some rally against them ….they want a cake which bad mouths them …..they should have the right not to serve them …..this is america and if you are refused service go down the street to the next shop!!!! Your not helping to get acceptance by forcing anyone to go against their values…..everyone should have the right of free speech whether you like it or not… shut up and close down everyone who doesnt think like you ….guess what it will be a crappy place to live(CHINA)( USSR ) you want tolerance but you dont tolerate other peoples view. Im so sick of this mentality that Im Entitled!!!! Why not be productive instead of out to destroy everything that doesnt agree with you!


    1. “you shut up and close down everyone who doesnt think like you”

      A friend of mine, Mike, says you have made some valid points, offering as an example, your point on “Bully tactics.”. I would like to point out that EVERYONE is angry right now, feeling discriminated against, not allowed to get ahead, or to live according to their values. You are angry, they are angry, the young who are having to carry the debt of their parents and grandparents are angry,… In Asheville, the elderly are trained on how to elbow their way into waiting lines and push other people out of the way because they are angry. (I used to call them “militant geriatrics.”)

      ” Bully tactics,” guerilla warfare, low punches, non-sequeters, Photoshoped images, trick plays, Watergates, all of these maneuvers are used by people who feel the opponent has an unfair advantage. This is nothing new or unique to the transgender issue.

      I will not be dragged into the fray. I will not judge a boxing match or a political debate. My mission is simple: I remind people that The Lord God, Jesus Christ, commanded that we love our neighbor. Our neighbor is Everyone Else. If you have problems with this, take it up with Him.

      I will paraphrase something I read recently: If you don’t like what I am saying, you are free to go somewhere else.

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      1. What a loving firm response Kitsy. And thank you. One of my best friends is trans (non-bianary, which I think brings up more fear and confusion) and what they want more than anything is to be free. Free from harm and abuse. As all of us do. My friend doesn’t want other issues to be diminished, but being trans laws surrounding it affect their exisistence so if course they talk about those things more than others, but I think all people do that. Peace.

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