Learning to pick my battles…

…even if only after the fact.

I’m doing…okay.  I’ve been trying too hard for a while now…encouraging loved ones to leave a toxic boss (efforts wasted); helping my neighbors survive his 2.5 month hospital/rehab stay after what was supposed to be outpatient surgery and encouraging them to make better choices (efforts wasted); writing about fighting evil and being reconciled to God (efforts draw evil to me); water pipes splitting and soaking carpeted floor, sections of floor falling in, door falling off hinges; battling mosquitoes, heat, drought,  …are we having fun, yet?

It’s like single-parenting….you just don’t die from this….well. not yet, anyway

I am emotionally depleted and physically worn out from the heat.  My plants are heat stressed and turning yellow.  My dog has had intestinal issues for days (throughout the house) and is not eating (she just watches as the cat eats her food 8 inches away) and my neighbor insists on throwing chicken bones and pizza scraps in the yard for her to find.  Oh, and my cat apparently has cat-betes and is losing his eyesight.

But, I persevere.   Yesterday, I spent the Fourth watching the flag gently wave in the rippling heat and the Morning Glories slowly unfurl and re-furl…and not much else.

Besides, I am happier and more stable than I was in North Carolina.  I’m physically stronger and on less medication.  And I pick my battles…even if only after the fact.  (“Well, that was a pointless, losing battle.”)

9 thoughts on “Learning to pick my battles…

  1. Dear Kitsy, In your efforts to help your loved ones and your neighbor your time is not wasted….ever. As long as you are being obedient in your task to show the love of Jesus to people you are doing what you are supposed to….the rest is Jesus’ job. So don’t be discouraged, focus on YOUR task (showing Christ’s love) and renew yourself in His love so you can be faithful in what He calls you to do. Prayers your way!

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  2. I know it isn’t funny, but I’m so tempted to lol. It’s different now. The whole atmosphere is changing. We don’t have to fight any battles now… except the ones we already know we will ultimately win. 😉


    1. Yeah, well…right now I’m fighting a battle I’m determined to Win: my front door fell off and that size door is no longer available. It’s about 100 degrees right now (no exaggeration), there are thunderstorms up the street and I have a blanket over the hole to keep the heat out. I’m winning this damn battle if I have to nail plywood over the doorway and use just the back door.

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  3. Sounds like my life…but Im a good soldier and keep getting up…Im about out of one more time…dusting myself off and going again mode.
    Life sucks…and I want out…Im done with getting knocked down…getti.g back up again…just so I can get hit again

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